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Talent Scout

Our Talent Scout programme supports kids in discovering their passions, regardless of nationality. We believe that talents require the right environment to thrive, emphasizing the importance of providing comprehensive skillbuilding training. We offer a diverse range of opportunities for children to explore, allowing their hidden talents to surface and flourish. Through various training sessions, we prepare them for participation in activities such as talent shows, games, and talent enhancement programmes.

What you'll learn

The Talent Scout Programme aims to immerse children in the world of entertainment by encouraging them to showcase their skills beyond the confines of the training room. To truly nurture their talents, participants should seize every opportunity, such as those provided by FilBrit, to expand and enrich their understanding of acting, singing, modeling, and dancing. Every child is inherently gifted, awaiting only the right motivation and guidance to fully unleash their talents and flourish.

Al Ghazal Office – 4 A Street,   5th Floor – Al Bada’a – Dubai

Office 405 4th floor block B, City Centre Tower Hamdan street , Abu Dhabi, UAE

Room 1, Mezzanine Floor, Al Juwais Building 1, Ras Al Khaimah

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