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Instruments &
Voice Lessons

Embark on a musical journey with our comprehensive instrument and voice lessons suitable for learners of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner exploring the joy of music for the first time or an experienced musician seeking to refine your craft, this course offers personalized instruction, tailored curriculum, and a supportive learning environment. Led by skilled instructors, students will develop proficiency in their chosen instrument or vocal technique while cultivating a deep appreciation for the art of music.

What you'll learn

Join us in Harmony in Music and embark on a transformative musical journey where instrument and voice lessons converge to inspire creativity, foster artistic expression, and cultivate a lifelong passion for music. Learn instrumental techniques, vocal training, music appreciation, one-on-one lessons for personalized instruction and support.

Al Ghazal Office – 4 A Street,   5th Floor – Al Bada’a – Dubai

Office 405 4th floor block B, City Centre Tower Hamdan street , Abu Dhabi, UAE

Room 1, Mezzanine Floor, Al Juwais Building 1, Ras Al Khaimah

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