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First of all, I want to thank the Lord God because he gave me the courage to reach this level of my career even though I’ve been through a lot of trials to finish this course. Thank you, FilBrit Training Centre, to my trainers, and to all my classmates. Thank you all.
Veron Aguila
Nursing Assistant Graduate

Student's Testimonials

Staff members are nice and lessons are also challenging especially assessments. It's nice classroom environment, well-ventilated, closed doors, clear topics, and convenient schedules depending on your availability. Online class or face-to-face is also your choice.

Emirine Joy Flores Shadow Teaching Student

FilBrit Training Centre has the most trustworthy and customer-centric staff. Their commitment to serving its clients is incomparable and their training delivery is top notch. I encourage everyone to enroll and be part of an experience that’s unique and substantive.

Christian Cervantes Medina HR & Admin Student

Proud student of FilBrit Training Centre – Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and Caregiver Certified. To all our Kabayan who are willing to learn and who want s to join the class, select their different courses. Come and enrol now!

Janet E Laguna Aromatherapy and Reflexology Student

The quality of training was great. So come and be educated with their high-quality training and their friendly and brilliant trainers.

Judith Suarez Computer Essentials Student

My daughter improved a lot in just three months of Talent Scout, and I will definitely enroll her again. Thank you so much for opening something like this for kids as it helps them a lot. Teachers are professional and friendly.

Rona Laluyan Soliven Talent Scout Student’s Parent

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